What About The Children?

If a child who was known to us, let alone children were abandoned, abused or God forbid put in camps equipped with cages to keep them in the people responsible would be arrested by the Child Protective Services workers. Yet children to the tune of fifty a day are experiencing this very thing as they are pulled away from parents who are illegally attempting to enter our country. I am not saying they should be allowed in, but to take a six year old child away from his parents and put in a cage is beyond unthinkable.

The psychological damage we are inflicting on these children is unthinkable and beyond abusive. These children do not know the language, and they are not with familiar people let alone family members. Additionally, there is no sense of how long they will be detained suffering from emotionally and physically abandonment. This is the kind of abusive behavior that in the long run raises the terrorists toward America that we don’t want to encourage .

There isn’t a parent alive that would tolerate and no enforcer who would conceive or allow this kind of atrocity to occur. We, as concerned people who would not allow such a thing to happen to our children need to stand up and speak out about this procedure that is being touted as necessary. Detain illegal immigrants, but do not separate children from their parents. This is inhuman and beneath us.


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