What Are We Thinking?

“No man is an island.” Or, “I am a rock, I am an island” are words not to be overlooked. I get for some, going it alone is the only way they know, and therefore it is not a problem to alienate everyone who has had their back or befriended them. However, if survival is based on being a team player and one needs others to win the team game, it is utter insanity to go it alone. The end result of such omnipotent and entitled behavior is LOSING.

If one believes he/she is bigger than life, then life usually hits you with a pretty big stick reminding you that your thinking is skewed to the point of arrogance. That sooner than later the Universe can/will send shock waves through your system and anyone else connected with you reminding you there is only one God and you ain’t it. We need to remember that alone is just that and though you don’t have to worry about anyone intruding on you, YOU ARE ALONE. We cannot go it alone on a team and any thought that this is possible has been documented in history by tragic atrocities resulting in severe devastation.

Too many, are acting like the only way to deal with bullying is to lay down and give up. Why have we forgotten that we are a team that must rely on each other to set things right. This loner stance has never worked throughout time and the healing it takes to correct the damage is long and very painful.

I never known a team who didn’t call out a player who hogged the ball, ignored the coach, wouldn’t listen to the team strategy, and wouldn’t pass the ball. As good as any one member of a team is, he/she can not win alone. Additionally, it disrespectful to other team member to allow such ignorance to continue. We do no one a service by allowing such grandiosity to go unchecked, culminating in a diminished/weakened team with eventual losses.


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