What Happened to our Manners?

Everyday I see another example of how we are unconscious to everyday manners. What happened to the basics of please, thank you, and I appreciate that. Whether I open a door, let someone walk in front of me, or let someone into my lane during traffic almost no one and I mean most people act like they are entitled and don’t have to be appreciative.

Have we gotten so cold, guarded, distant from our hearts that we don’t have the sense that someone did something courteous for us? Have we gotten so blind to daily good deeds that we just don’t see what is being offered? Have we gotten so jaded as to the goings on of others that we don’t realize that someone has just acknowledged our existence and did a nice thing? Do we need to move so fast and unconscious that we do not see others needing assistance? The answer seems to be YES. So much so that I am not just talking about the millennials. I am talking about people of all ages and walks of life.

Is it so hard to be more aware of helping others, let alone seeing that others are helping us? What would happen if we created a Polite Day? That this would be needed as something unique is bad enough. But maybe its needed.



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