Why Suicide?

Unfortunately the loss of prominent people has us wondering what is the reason and what was someone thinking that suicide seemed the only alternative. I even had someone say to me, I don’t get it, they had money and fame.

We live in a world that lives and believes that outside in is the way of life and happiness. What I mean by that is people believe and societies reinforce that if you have the accouterments of money, prestige, fame, looks, and designer everything then the inside of self is taken care of. This is the mis-belief of the societal Kool Aid that everyone is weaned on. There is a line in a country song that says, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Thus outside thinking of honing self is completely wrong and eventually every one hits the wall and falls.

The real owner of centering, mastery, confidence, and the depth of self is inside to out. To hold onto the inner essence of self is where the true ownership of self is realized. If one is steeped in self, nothing can rock you. It is the corner stone of inner truth and contentment, while walking life well.

In a society where this corner stone is not encouraged, reinforced, or given much credence, people get lost. They look around at all they have and feel empty. They experience a vast abyss that hungers for connection rather than the daemons of guilt and shame that plague them. When these daemons are not bought to light through support and discussion they become unbearable. At this point, as substances don’t quiet the pain, one starts to walk down a path of darkness that begets hopelessness where suicide becomes an option. Most people will tell you as they talk about this or have survived a suicide attempt that it was not that they wanted to die, but rather they wanted to end the pain and it seemed the only way to do it.

The tragedy of all this along with the loss of life is that we don’t as a society put enough stock in seeking help for psychological pain as we do physical pain. We, for the most part seek out  physicians when something physical scares us, but we weren’t brought up with the permission to seek out competent help for what scares us emotionally.

Of course this is a much more complex subject, but this is an important overview when struggling to understand such an awful outcome.

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