Where Has Our Humanity Gone?

When did we forget that the others walking around are human beings too? What has caused us to believe that our group is the higher/better ground? How have people forgotten that we are all in it together? OH- ALWAYS!

Sometimes it takes floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, genocide, and internment camps to come back to our original God given nature that is our humanity. When these devastating events occur it is not that we all run to our bunkers and shoot anyone who attempts invade us. It is our nature to attend and help those we wouldn’t have said hello on a normal day, that we rescue, When Houston and New Orleans were under water people got in their boats and helicopters and rescued people their egos would have deemed unworthy the day before. When push comes to shove we run toward others to help and care for them. NOT the other way around. In these dire circumstances we throw out ego and forms that define and dictate who we think we are or “they” aren’t, and default to human. In these moments of emergency we only see human beings in need. In essence, we see is someone in distress and needing attention. And guess what? For the most part we give it and step up to the plate.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in that way every moment. As if there are no other types  but human beings worthy of courtesy and compassion. What does the bible say, ‘treat others as you would wish to be treated.’ What a concept.

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