World Wide P.T.S.D.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.) is the recurring stress from a real incident and is triggered by current stimuli. The awful events we are witnessing in the United States and in the world are hateful, brutal, ugly, horrific, and completely out of are control. The ongoing recurrence of these atrocities are so prevalent that no one can be unaffected whether you are law enforcement or a casual bystander. No one is safe and everyone is a “soft” target as witnessed in France.
Therefore, the only thing we each can do is to be more vigilant and endeavour to be in situations with friends that offer some sense of support and safety. Along with this, we need to talk about what is going on in that we are not alone with our feelings. This allows us to vent and not suppress what is going on within us.
Again, no one can truly escape the goings on that will naturally induce PTSD causing anxiety and unrest. Holding onto these feelings however, will not make it better and we need the support of others so that we do not feel isolated or alone. Going Rambo and brandishing a weapon will not stop a bomb, a truck or even a hate crime. Safety comes from support and the sense that we are not alone and can lean on others.

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